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Business & Diving

Dive shops versus internet ordering.

If you are considering a diving course, you should also learn a little about the diving market.

Dive shops are under immense price pressure as they are increasingly overrun by online competition. For example, their price margin is only 20% or less on a high-quality tarrier jacket that is available for about 500 Euros. However, especially for diving equipment, service and advice are crucial. An online purchase may be cheaper, but does not replace personal advice and service in the shop.

For example, diving regulators have to be overhauled every 2 years. Moreover, for a quick exchange of a special battery, or a new mask band, the diving shop of your confidence next door is a very good contact partner.

Certain equipment components can be returned and exchanged. Goodwill is usually very important for the diving shops. You will always receive a friendly welcome and can be sure that your equipment will be responsibly repaired or overhauled.

However, it is your decision, whether you buy equipment anonymously on the Internet or prefer to contact the person in charge of your equipment

face to face it. It’s all about YOUR safety.

To seek advice in the shop and then purchase your gear online may be somewhat cheaper, but for the reasons mentioned above is also less recommendable.

Divers are usually “Buddies” and the better you know the people running the diving shops, the more they will support you of course. And for your loyalty you might also get the one or the other filling of your diving bottle on the house.

By the way: during a diving course most diving schools give a 10% discount on the equipment.

And the next advanced diving course will definitely come – and there will surely be a discount.

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