Is diving dangerous?

Is diving actually dangerous?

Not for now

As long as you stick to what you were taught in your training, nothing will happen to you.

But if you underestimate the risks involved in diving, you may quickly find yourself in serious distress. It is therefore vital to be instructed by an experienced instructor before your first dive in order to know the most important safety rules under water.

At most dive sites you will dive with a guide for the first 30 dive sessions. These guides are cool guys & girls who can usually measure up their counterparts – that is you – very well and take their levels of expertise into consideration. There is no danger to health during a professionally conducted dive when the diver always keeps track of his situation.

Prevent accidents:

Assess yourself correctly. Take small steps in your dive sessions. Do not dive down to 40 meters at the first opportunity, instead increase the depth slowly.

If you are only used to diving in the sea, do not go diving in a lake in winter.

Don’t let peer pressure persuade you into doing something you don’t really feel good about.

Think for yourself, bring some humility and respect with you into the water – then you will be rewarded with unforgettable dive sessions.

Do not dive like socks do in the washing machine:

Buddies stay together.