Diving & Health

Diving and Health

There are only a few reasons why not.

Although a diving fitness assessment is not mandatory in Germany (state law), I would recommend it. It doesn’t hurt to have a health check done before diving. For my courses and guided tours, I insist on a diving fitness assessment. Such an assessment establishes trust and spares you the fear of whether your own body is fit for diving.

If you decide for a diving course, you should in any case visit a doctor who may issue diving fitness certificates.

If you are discouraged from diving by your doctor, consult a GTÜM diving doctor. The specialists of the “Gesellschaft für Tauch- und Überdruckmedizin” are specially trained and can make well-founded statements about your state of health in connection with diving.

Heart attacks or stands, artificial joints – all this does not have to be a reason not to go diving.

Your general practitioner will throw his hands up in disbelief, a GETÜM doctor will examine you carefully and argue for and against your diving experience in a factual assessment.

In addition, the GETÜM doctor can personally contact your diving instructor and draw your attention to any special aspects of the connection between your individual health and diving.

Meanwhile, people with disabilities have a lot of options to practice the diving sport.

In addition to the scientific progress, there is a remarkable voluntary commitment in this area of diving. The training requirements are by no means reduced for people with disabilities, but rather increased. There is a simple reason: despite possibly limited abilities of the diving pupil, the same safety standards are to be met as with a non-impaired scuba diver.