Diving & Animals

Diving and Animals


The most bizarre and unusual animals on our planet live underwater. Fish also perceive you as a fish and they know nothing but fish.

So try to behave a bit like a fish and you may be able to get quite close to them.

Fish will not harm you, that is guaranteed. No fish will deliberately hurt you.

Behave like the guest of a good friend. Do not impose yourself and do not simply dive into the living room of others without knocking first. Don’t touch anything. Divers collect impressions, not souvenirs.

Just because a fish appears in front of you with its mouth open, this does in no way mean that it could be dangerous to you.

As long as fish show an open mouth, they just breathe. And the teeth show unwittingly.

In front of a moray eel that lies in its cave with its mouth open, you can easily linger for a while.

However, when it has closed its mouth, I would just go on diving, apparently she is annoyed.