If you are thinking about signing up for a diving course or if you already know how to do a diving course, there are a few topics you might be interested in.

General truths of diving:

Admittedly, the poster might be a little bit divisive. But if you just had to smile or maybe feel caught, then diving is the right thing for you.

Because that’s exactly what diving is all about. Don’t take everything so seriously and let it go. Under water, you will glide weightlessly above everything and that’s exactly how you should deal with the challenges you master in your life.

Emotions are absolutely unnecessary when diving. A feeling on the other hand you may and should take with you.

The difference?

An emotion expects a reaction and comes from the mind.

A feeling comes from the gut and can only be.

The one who jumps into cold water, dives into a sea full of possibilities.

And fortunately we have measuring stations that can predict the water temperatures exactly.