Diving Schools

Diving Schools

There are hundreds of thousands of diving schools in Germany.

Every year more than 900,000 diving licences are issued worldwide.

Much more important than choosing the association is choosing the right diving school and a trustworthy instructor for your first diving certification.

A good instructor not only teaches you excellent knowledge but also gives you a deeper understanding of the sport of diving.

Which diving school is suitable and how can you find the right one?

Each diving school teaches according to the standards of the associations it adheres to. This means that the diving school of your choice should have a certification. As far as reviews are concerned, you should make up your own mind. A 5 star rating is not always a real 5 star tip. Sometimes “good mood” is used to hide a lack of training depth.

You should feel comfortable in your diving school. You should be treated with respect right from the start and not feel that you are just an invoice number.

The diving community is a big family and so you should be welcomed from the beginning.

Pay attention to this. Also, find out in advance what you will have to pay in addition to the basic costs for your diving license. Often you have to buy an expensive book or the purchase of ABC equipment is mandatory. Entrance fees, for example for pool visits, or the certification, for example the license, are an additional cost. Costs.

Transparency gives you a good feeling.

A reasonable and serious diving license with good support is not available for 99 Euro, or 199 Euro for that matter. In a diving course that costs around 500 Euro – which is a fair price – everything should be covered.

  • Included is a complete theory lesson (optionally a small booklet with basic theoretical knowledge).
  • Pool/open water entrance, complete equipment for the duration of the course (tank, jacket, ABC equipment, regulator, suit, gloves, hood, booties, dive computer or depth gauge/finimeter console).
  • Certification for the course.

There are diving schools that do not lend booties for hygienic reasons. You will want to buy these anyway. In Germany and Austria, for example, the water is only pleasantly warm in midsummer. Footlets keep you warm and can be bought for as little as 30 Euros.

However, you should add these costs to the basic price of the diving course.

Possibly, your diving school also has a small club where you can register for little money and which allows you to continue to dive in the region after you have successfully completed the diving course.