Vacation and Dive Center

Vacation and Dive Center

First dive after the course

As a beginner, you will not be left alone on the vastness of the sea. After checking in at the dive center you will be asked for your logbook and brevet. After that you will decide at the dive center how you want to dive in your holiday area.

First they will do a check dive with you, where you will show your guide that you are able to do the most important things. They will then assess which dive sites they will take you to.

If you know that you have a large air consumption, say so when you check in.

You can find specialized travel agencies for diving here:

I’m cooperating with Alma Mare. The most individual dive tour provider for 30 years with us in Germany.

Not quite so individual but very good diving spots with first class bases and always good offers you will find here:

Diving course or interested in doing a diving course?

All right, let’s do this.