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Discover Planets


You will only see, what will see U.

The more relaxed you are while diving and the more you are in tune with yourself and your surroundings, the more you will discover underwater, the closer you will come to discovering the hidden planets.

This includes the safe handling of your equipment as well as the understanding of self-perception and consideration for nature.

Keep in mind: You also consist of 70% water. So you will be diving in your own element.

Here you will not only be guided to a new experience but, if you are willing to, also to self-awareness and perhaps also a bit of an understanding of happiness.

Below, you may find two personal testimonials, so that you can answer the question “Why should I dive?” for yourself and form your own opinion.

This is not the website of a traditional diving school. I do not wish to compete with them in any way. There is no shop and you will not find a registration form for course X here.

If you would like to learn how to dive at Discover Planets, book training sessions or find a diving guide, please use the contact form.

Up for exclusivity but zero money?

Just ask me. I have cooperations with some diving schools in Munich. Usually these courses have a size of up to 8 students of which a maximum of 4 can be in the water at the same time.

Why the Name Discover Planets?

Every dive brings a new discovery:

Dive sites have to be visited several times to really get to know them.

If you go a little deeper or dive the other way around, you will see and feel something completely different. This I experienced firsthand during a dive at a well known spot, only 3 times deeper than usual.

There, everything was completely new and surreal again – hence the name:


Why this logo?

The logo symbolizes an Arrow, which is used in technical diving to mark the way to the exit of the underwater caves.

The choice of logo is simply based on a design choice.

Diving has always had a special allure for me.

Weightless, enchanted worlds, where only my breath can be heard and communication is reduced to a minimum. Landscapes of emerald green, ice blue, endless, peaceful.

The ability to penetrate areas most people don’t even know exist.

The colourful and radiant life under water, sunken forests, whole villages and old shipwrecks.

Everything lies sleeping in front of my eyes, completely untouched, shielded from and forgotten by the world above.

The possibility to perceive myself and my everyday life from a different point of view, from a different perspective.