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The Courses

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The Courses

One by one

As already described, there are many diving associations and each has its own philosophy.

What remains the same, however, are the levels in which you will be trained.

Everything begins with the OWD – Open Water Diver or 1*.

1* / OWD

This is the start of your diving career. It teaches you the basics of diving. This certificate enables you to dive to a depth of up to 18 / 20 meters, depending on the diving association.

2* / AOWD

With the “Advanced Open Water Diver” you deepen your skills and gain new ones. In addition to diving to depths of up to 40 meters, you should be able to dive safely and independently and be able to master minor difficulties.

These courses are already a little bit different, depending on the diving association that offers it.

3 *** / Master Diver

From now on you usually take over the responsibility for your dive group. Emergency management and first aid management are your skills and you can lead a group safely under water and back on land.

List of courses & associations

European Standards PADI SSI CMAS ProRec i.a.c.
EN 14153-1 Scuba Diver Passport Diver Basic Diver Basic Diver Scuba Diver
EN 14153-2 Open Water Diver Open Water Diver CMAS 1* ProRec 1* Open Water Diver
Adventure Diver Speciality Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver Advanced Open Water Diver CMAS 2* ProRec 2* Advanced Open Water Diver
Speciality Diver Master Diver
Rescue Diver
EN 14153-3 Dive Master Dive Control Speciallist CMAS 3* ProRec 3* Master Diver



Specialties are minor additional certifications that cover additional areas of diving. They form the basis for AOWD or 2* Breves and higher levels.

There are reasonable and less reasonable offers.

List of the most important speciallitys

Speciallity Beschreibung
Advanced First Aid Erweiterter Erste Hilfe Kurs
Altitude Diving Bergseetauchen
Boat Diving Tauchen vom Boot
Current Diving Umgang mit Strömungen
Decompression and Computer Decompressions Theorie
Deep Diving Tauchen bis auf 40 Meter
Dive Group Management Führung von Tauchgruppen
Dry Suit Diving Tauchen mit Trockentauchanzug
Equipment Ausrüstung richtig anwenden & pflegen
Family Dive Leader Tauchen mit Kindern
Gasblender Nitrox Veränderte Atemgase selber mischen
Ice Diving Tauchen unter einer geschlossenen Eisdecke
Navigation Navifieren unter Wasser
Night Diving Tauchen bei Nacht
Nitrox Advanced Tauchen mit verändertem Atemgase über 40% 02 Anteil
Nitrox Basic Tauchen mit verändertem Atemgase bis 40% 02 Anteil
Perfect Buoyancy Richtiges tarieren
River Diver Vorbereiten, planen und durchführen von Tauchgängen im Fluss
Scooter Tauchen mit Hilfe von Scootern
Search & Recovery Suchen und Bergen von vermissten Tauchern
Shark Diver Tauchen mit Haien
Sidemount Diving Mit seitlich angebrachten Flaschen tauchen
Stress & Rescue Stress Situationen erkennen und beseitigen
Underwater Photographer Photographieren unter Wasser
Wreck Diving Tauchen an versunkenen schiffen
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Rated 5.0 out of 5
Tobias Ulbricht
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