Unlike others

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Unlike others

Service & didactics of the courses


You have to sign the courses yourself and you should be motivated.

Everything else will be organized individually and exclusively for you.

There are no limits to individuality.

For example: We can send completed applications by courier to your front door, we can organize fitness assessments necessary for diving by a GETÜM doctor at your home, we can teach you the diving theory inside your own four walls. Acquire your first diving skills in your own pool or in a public swimming pool where we can take the time we need. Without rush, without stress.

Nothing is impossible! Just ask me!


During your future dives, you’ll only see what want’s to be seen. And the marine animals will only want to see you if you move as quietly underwater as they do.

What I offer is not simply about holding a diving license in your hands at the end. I do not just want to give you a certificate: I want to give you the whole fascination of diving!

This includes self-awareness and a healthy self-confidence, the safe handling of your equipment as well as the understanding of and consideration for nature.

I generally recommend the CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques) training system.
In direct comparison to others, this system is much more sportingly challenging as it includes an additional apnea unit and an additional 5th dive. These additional exercises will make you feel much safer in the water. This in turn allows you to dive much more relaxed! And the more relaxed you dive, the more you will discover underwater.


Guided by me you will acquire the basic knowledge of diving. I will not stand in front of you and tell you what to do – this is outdated and may quickly become boring. Instead, by asking questions and giving you impulses, I will help you find the right answers yourself. You will understand the unerlying principles of physics and recognize the connections to your diving experience effortlessly.

I will show you how a different perspective can help you turn an apperntly empty cup into a full one.

Diving theory is anything but dry.


You will not sit on the bottom of the pool like a stone and go through one exercise after another.

In fact, during your future dives, you will not go to the ground first and then take care of your equipment. Especially as you start to dive deeper.

Your equipment has to be adjusted quickly and efficiently, while diving down, in a balanced, weightless state.

Therefore you will tare, tare and re-tare right from the beginning. So that you will be able to control everything at any time and in any situation.

Open Water:

On the shore of our selected lake we will first observe the lake together. Thus, we will learn best and for this moment we will be accepted by nature and especially by the element water.

Thereby understanding the meaning of it and keeping all of the positive possibilities open that a dive can bring and that make it unique.

General goal of all courses:

It is my aim to above all give you not only the diving license but an awareness for the wonderful experience of water.

Don’t forget, you consist of 70% water, as well!

Self-awareness and attentiveness are just as much a part of it as understanding and humility towards nature and the element water.

Try first – then decide:

Some people feel anxious when their head is held under water.

For example for fear of lack of oxygen or of the darkness. Therefore I take my time with each student and help them through their fears so that such initial insecurities are quickly reduced.

Just try it out with a trial dive.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
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